Do the police want to question you?
You need pre-arrest representation.

Pre-arrest representation

If the police or sheriff want to interview you, contact me. As your lawyer, I will protect your Constitutional rights, and act as a buffer between you and the law enforcement officer who wants to question and accuse you.

Once you hire me, I will contact the law enforcement officer, let that person know I'm representing you, and I will cancel any upcoming interview you might have. It's your Constitutional right not to participate in any criminal investigation.

Will it make me look guilty if I refuse to talk with the police? The police may already think you're guilty. They are trying to gather additional evidence. Do not give them that opportunity. They have a job to do. Let them do their job, but don't help them by talking with them. The police are allowed to lie to you during an interview to get you to make statements. It's your right not to speak to law enforcement. In court, the prosecutor can never tell the judge or the jury that you refused to talk to law enforcement.

If the police approach you, ask if you're free to leave. If they say yes, leave. If they say you're not free to leave, tell them you want a lawyer. Demanding a lawyer when you're not free to leave should end questioning by the police. If you find yourself in an interrogation room, your objective is to get out of the room as fast as possible (by demanding a lawyer). Do not give the police additional evidence by talking.

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