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Arrested for petit theft in Naples, Florida?

Naples Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Dominick Russo represents people accused of petit theft in Naples.

There are three common ways to resolve a petit theft charge without trial in Naples, Florida. The first, and worst way, is to go to court without an attorney and enter a plea of contest. This approach usually results in six-months probation, classes, and court costs. The second way to resolve the case is by completing the classes before resolving the case. The benefit here is that you can usually avoid probation. The third way to resolve the charge of petit theft is with Collier County's misdemeanor diversion program. With the diversion program, you complete classes and do 16 hours of community service at a location of your choosing. When you've completed the classes and the community service, the charge of petit theft is dropped by the State.

It's very important to contact a lawyer before going to court when accused of petit theft. I can represent you, with the objective of getting the best result possible for you. Call me to discuss your case.

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