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DUI lawyer Naples Florida Naples Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Dominick Russo represents people accused of DUI in Naples.

From the date of arrest, you have 10 days to request a formal review. The formal review is an administrative proceeding that is separate from the case in criminal court. At the formal review, as your attorney, I can subpoena the arresting officer, the breath tech, and any other relevant witnesses. The formal review is an opportunity to challenge the DUI administrative suspension that occurs after blowing above the .08 legal limit, or after an alleged refusal to blow. Failure to request the formal review within 10 days of arrest waives your right to a formal review, resulting in an administrative suspension for blowing above the legal limit, or for refusing to blow.

In most cases, the DUI ticket serves as a driver's license for 10 days. (Read the red writing below, which is found on the bottom front of the DUI ticket.) Naples Florida DUI attorney

When a formal review is requested, the DHSMV will issue a temporary license for business purposes only, for a period of about a month, allowing time for the formal review to be heard. If we prevail at the formal review, there will not be an administrative suspension. However, if we don't win the formal review, then your license will be suspended. In the case of a first DUI, if there was a blow, you'll be eligible for a hardship license after 30 days of hard time (no driving), so long as you've signed up for DUI school. If your case is a first DUI refusal, you won't be eligible for a hardship license until 90 days have pass since your permit expired.

The consequences of a DUI arrest in criminal court can be very severe. Minimum penalties include license suspension--independent of the administrative suspension detailed above, probation, fines, court costs. DUI penalties can even involve jail, or electronic or gps monitoring. It's important to have an experienced criminal law attorney defend you when faced with DUI charges. Call for a consultation. Or, send me a note using the contact form on the right.