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Mandatory drivers license suspension and the EID (Early Intervention Docket) in Naples, Florida

Mandatory drivers license suspensions and business purpose license in naples florida

The State Attorney's Office announced that criminal charges that would require, by statute, a revocation of the defendant's driver's license are now eligible, at the time of plea, to get a hardship license right away. The State is only offering this for felony cases that enter change of pleas on the early intervention docket. The type of criminal charges this would apply to would include drug possession, possession of a controlled substance, possession of cocaine. When a defendant is adjudicated guilty of any of these charges, a mandatory driver's license suspension goes into effect, even if the possession has nothing to do with a motor vehicle. See Florida statute 322.055. The court may in its discretion order the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue a hardship license, specifically a Business Purpose License, which allows for driving necessary to maintain livelihood, including driving to and from work, necessary on-th-job driving, driving for education purposes, and driving for church and for medical purposes, so long as the person is otherwise qualified for a driver's license.

The procedure involves presenting the motion and order to the judge at the time of the plea.

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